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There once was a little boy who had a bad temper. His Father gave him a bag of nails and told him that every time he lost his temper, he must hammer a nail into the back of the fence.
The first day the boy had driven 37 nails into the fence. Over the next few weeks, as he learned to control his anger, the number of nails hammered daily gradually dwindled down.
He discovered it was easier to hold his temper than to drive those nails into the fence....
Finally the day came when the boy didn't lose his temper at all. He told his father about it and the father suggested that the boy now pull out one nail for each day that he was able to hold his temper. The day passed and the young boy was finally able to tell his father that all the nails were gone.
The father took his son by the hand and led him to the fence. He said, "You have done well, my son, but look at the holes in the fence.
The fence will never be the same. When you say things in anger, they leave a scar just like this one. You can put a knife in a man and draw it out. It won't matter how many times you say I'm sorry, the wound is still there."

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Toefl Practice

Toefl Practice

Toefl Practice DOWNLOAD

The Test Of English as a Foreign Language (or TOEFL , pronounced "toe-full") evaluates the potential success of an individual to use and understand standard American English at a college level. It is required for non-native applicants at many US and other English-speaking colleges and universities. The TOEFL is the product of the Educational Testing Service (ETS), which is contracted by the private, non-profit firm, the College Board to administer the test in institutions in the US; they also produce the SAT.

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Sbs, Ktt (Konu Tarama Testi) Check Up

SBS Ktt (Konu Tarama Testi), CHECK UP


GÖNDEREN >>> İngilizce Öğretmeni nili

"bu yıl 6. sınıflar için hazırladığım ktt ve check upların sbs ingilizce bölümünde değerlendirelebileceğine inanıyorum rapide attım sitede kullanılabilir isim geçmesine gerek yok isimsiz elaman kalalım:)
gerçekten sitenin çok kapsamlı olması güzel çalışmalarda başarılar ..."

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