Comparative Proje, Performans Ödevi Örnekler – 7



Comparative Proje, Performans Ödevi Örnekler – 7

Examples with Comparative Structures


1-Ağrı mount is colder than Erciyes mount.

2-God of war is better than mario.

3-Ankara is bigger than Dinar.

4-Kenan Sofuoğlu is a better than Ömer.

5-Casio is more expensive than Dexter.

6-Ali Ağaoğlu is richer than Sakıp Sabancı.

7-Juster Bieber is more popular than Mehmet Erdem.

8-Iphone is more expensive than Panasonic.

9-Jupiter is bigger than Mercury.

10-Mercedes is more comfortable than Renault.

11-Messi is better than Burak Yılmaz.

12-İstanbul is more crowded than Afyonkarahisar.

13-Water is cheaper than Electricity.

14-Africa is poorer than America.

15-Murat Boz is more handsome than Hakan Peker.

16-Azra Akın is more beautiful than Hadise.

17-Oğuzhan Koç is fatter than Ersin.

18-Cem Yılmaz is funnier than Levent Kırca.

19-Lassa is stronger than Kumho.

20-Turksh army is bigger than Greece army.

21-Black is thicker than yellow.

22-Plone is faster than car.

23-Eagle is more ferocious than sparrow.

24-Ant is harder working than grasshopper.

25-Servi is taller than pine.

26-Emerald is more valuable than Diomard.

27-Hakan is taller than Gizem.

28-Stfeam is sweeter than sea.

29-İraq is stronger than plastics.

30-Çipura is tastier than hamsi.



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