9. Sınıflar için İngilizce Yazılı Örneği

9. Sınıflar için İngilizce Yazılı Örneği, Lise 1. Sınıflar için İngilizce Yazılı, Past Tense, Present Tense, Present Continuous, Past Form



Pam Robinson is a stewardess. She is from the U.S.A. She works for a big airline company. She flies to a lot of countries. She wrote a letter to her father from Tokyo.


Dear Father,

We are in Tokyo today and I’m happy because I can write to you.

You know, this is my second month in this job but I like it very much. I was in a lot of different places last month. I was in England, Canada, and Turkey. I wanted to phone you from Istanbul but I didn’t have any time.

Yesterday we were in Istanbul again. We were free for twelve hours. We didn’t want to stay at the airport. First we went to a restaurant near the airport because we were very hungry. The food wasn’t very goad but it was cheap. Then we went to the city and saw a lot of interesting places too. The people, the houses, the food! Everything is wonderful. I want to buy some things for you here.

I think I’ve got a wonderful job but I was really very tired last month.

Wait for my next letter from Berlin. We are going there next.


Loves,      Pam


A) Answer the questions according to the text above. (2X12=24pt.)


1.         When did Pam get this job?


2.         Does she like her job?


3.         How many countries did she see last month?


4.         Did she phone her father from Istanbul?


5.         Where was she yesterday?


6.         Were they free for lunch in Istanbul?


7.         Did they have lunch on the plane?


8.         Where was the restaurant?


9.         Was the food good?


10.      What did they see in Istanbul?


11.      How long did they stay in Istanbul?


12.      Does she like Tokyo?



B) Write the past simple forms of the verbs. (2X10=20pt.)

  1. leave                                                  6. drink                                 
  2. say                                                     7. tell                         
  3. sleep                                                  8. study                                
  4. think                                                  9. eat                         
  5. go                                                       10. come                  



D- Complete the sentences with PRESENT SIMPLE and PRESENT CONTINUOUS. Type the correct answer in the blanks. (6X3=18pt.)

1- Every night I __________(go) to the cinema.

2- Look! He __________ (steal) oranges over there.

3- We __________ (not know) him very well.

4- She __________ (have) breakfast at the moment..

5- The supermarket __________ (not open) till 9.00.

6- My car is old, but it __________ (work) well.


E- Complete with PAST and PAST CONTINUOUS. Type the correct answer in the blanks. (6X3=18pt.)

1- He __________( work) when she called.

2- Was she dancing when you__________ (arrive)?

3- __________ (you like) that program last night?

4- I__________ (break) my leg when I was playing football.

5- It__________ (not snow) when we left.

6- They__________ (sleep) when the phone rang.



F- Fill in the blanks with the correct Tense Form (a – b – c) (1X2=20pt.)

1-If you ________ an apple every day, you’ll be very healthy. (eat)

2-If we don’t protect the elephant, it ________ extinct. (become)

3-She ________completely different if she cuts her hair. (look)

4-You’ll pay higher insurance if you ________ a sports car. (buy)

5-You ________better if you turn on the lamp. (can/may/will/ see)

6-You ________ heart disease if you eat too much meat. (get)

7-If you don’t put so much sugar in your coffee, you ________ so much weight!  (put on)

8-You won’t pass the course if you ________. (study)

9-If a deer ________ into your garden, it ________ all your plants.  (get/eat)

10-If I ________ some eggs, how many ________? (cook/eat)



Not: Bu sınav İngilizce ÖĞRETMENLERİ için yayınlanmıştır. Bu sebeple yanıtları verilmemiştir.

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